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California Native Plants for The Garden (2006) by C. Bornstein, D. Fross, and B. O’Brien. Cachuma Press.
California Watershed Approach to Landscaping
(G3, 2018)
California Friendly Guide to Native and Drought Tolerant Gardens (Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, 2009)
Compost in a Hurry (UC ANR, 2007)
Defensible Space, Fire Retardant Landscaping, and Fire Hazard Reduction (UC ANR, 2020)
Fire Preparation Through the Year (UC ANR, 2020)
Fire Recovery Guide (California Native Plant Society, 2019)
Getting Started with Native Plants (Theodore Payne Foundation, 2015)
Mowing Your lawn and “Grasscycling” (UC ANR, 1999)
Native Planting Guides (California Native Plant Society)
Pruning Tips and Techniques (California Native Plant Society)
Roadmap to Fire Safety (SMMFSA, 2010)
S.A.F.E. Landscapes – Southern California Guidebook (UC ANR, 2009)
Starting a Native Plant Garden (California Native Plant Society, 2017)

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