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  • General Information

    Explore Risk - search by state, county or communityUSDA Forest Service2019GO TO WEBSITE
    Home Ignition Zone - Reduce vegetation and use wildfire-resistant materials in the area around the home.USDA Forest Service2019GO TO WEBSITE
    Home Landscaping for FireUC ANR2007DOWNLOAD PDF
    How to prepare your home for wildfireNFPA2019DOWNLOAD PDF
    Making Your Property Fire-SafeUC ANR2009DOWNLOAD PDF
    Roadmap to Fire SafetySMMFSA2010DOWNLOAD PDF
    The Combustibility of Landscape MulchesU Nevada2011DOWNLOAD PDF
    UC ANR - Winter MaintenanceUC ANR2020GO TO WEBSITE
    Understand Wildfire RiskUSDA Forest Service2019GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire: A Changing LandscapeNFPA2017DOWNLOAD PDF
    Wildfire, Wildlands, and People_ Understanding and Preparing for Wildfire in the WUIUSDA FS2013GO TO WEBSITE
  • Seasonal Maintenance

    Pruning Tips and Techniques: Pruning Hints for California Native PlantsCNPS2020GO TO WEBSITE
    SAFE Landscapes - Southern CA GuidebookUC ANR2009DOWNLOAD PDF
    UC ANR - Fall MaintenanceUC ANR2020GO TO WEBSITE
    UC ANR - Spring MaintenanceUC ANR2020GO TO WEBSITE
    UC ANR - Summer MaintenanceUC ANR2020GO TO WEBSITE
    UC ANR - Winter MaintenanceUC ANR2020GO TO WEBSITE
  • Fire Recovery

    Fire Recovery GuideCNPS2019GO TO WEBSITE
    Recovering from Wildfire - A Guide for California's Forest LandownersUC ANR2017DOWNLOAD PDF
    CZU Lightning Complex Fire Watershed Recovery GuideCounty of Santa Cruz2020DOWNLOAD PDF


  • General Information

    How To Prepare Your Home for WildfireNFPAN/ADOWNLOAD PDF
    Home Hardening - Modify the building materials and design features of the home for wildfire resistanceUSDA Forest Service2019GO TO WEBSITE
    P-737 Home Builder's Guide to Construction in Wildfire ZonesFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Home Survival in Wildfire-Prone Areas: Building Materials and Design ConsiderationsUC ANR2010DOWNLOAD PDF
    Wildfire Retrofit Guide - California EditionIIBHSN/ADOWNLOAD PDF
    Be Ember AwareU Nevada2005DOWNLOAD PDF
    Ready! Set! Go! - Your Personal Wildfire Action PlanLACFD2019DOWNLOAD PDF
    Wildfire Property Assessment - How to better protect your home and propertyVCFD2019DOWNLOAD PDF
    Building and Living in the WUIVCFD2019DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Retrofits and Costs

    Building a Wildfire-Resistant Home: Codes and CostsHeadwaters Economics2018DOWNLOAD PDF
    10 Low-Cost Retrofits to Your HomeCALFIRE2020DOWNLOAD PDF
  • NFPA Fact Sheets (2017)

    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - Attic and crawl space ventsNFPA2017GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - CoatingsNFPA2017GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - DecksNFPA2017GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - Exterior sprinkler systemsNFPA2017GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - FencingNFPA2017GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - Fire spread on ember-ignited decksNFPA2017GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - Immediate (noncombustible) zoneNFPA2019GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - Roofing materialsNFPA2017GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - SkylightsNFPA2017GO TO WEBSITE
    Wildfire Research Fact Sheet - Under-eave constructionNFPA2017GO TO WEBSITE
  • FEMA Fact Sheets (2008)

    Fact Sheet No. 1 - Wildland/Urban Interface ConstructionFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 2 - Summary of Wildfire Construction RecommendationsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 3 - Selecting the Construction SiteFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 4 - Defensible SpaceFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 5 - RoofsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 6 - Eaves, Overhangs, and SoffitsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 7 - Exterior WallsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 8 - VentsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 9 - Gutters and DownspoutsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 10 - Windows and SkylightsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 11 - Exterior DoorsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 12 - Technical Fact Sheet Series - FoundationsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 13 - Decks and Other Attached StructuresFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 14 - Landscape Fences and WallsFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 15 - Fire SprinklersFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 16 - Utilities and Exterior EquipmentFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fact Sheet No. 17 - Community InfrastructureFEMA2008DOWNLOAD PDF


  • Invasive Plants

    Don't Plant a Pest! Southern CaliforniaCAL IPCN/AGO TO WEBSITE
    Cost of Invasive Weeds in CaliforniaCAL IPC2008DOWNLOAD PDF
    Pest Notes - Invasive PlantsUC IPM2017DOWNLOAD PDF
    Invasive Plants and Horticulture in CaliforniaPlantRight2012DOWNLOAD PDF
    Invasive Plants and Wildfires in Southern CaliforniaUC ANR2009DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Native Plants

    California Friendly Guide to Native and Drought Tolerant GardensLVMWD2009GO TO WEBSITE
    Fire Recovery GuideCNPS2019GO TO WEBSITE
    Native Plant Landscaping to Reduce Wildfire RiskCNPSN/ADOWNLOAD PDF
    California Native Plant Listmultiple2017DOWNLOAD PDF
    Fire Resistant Native Plants with High Wildlife ValueTPF2017GO TO WEBSITE
  • Oak Woodlands

    Living Among the Oaks: A Management Guide for Woodland Owners and Managers UC ANR2011DOWNLOAD PDF
    Protecting Homes from Wildfire in Oak WoodlandsUC ANRN/AGO TO WEBSITE
    UC Oak Woodland Management PortalUC ANRN/AGO TO WEBSITE
    The Cultural Values of Oaks UC ANRN/AGO TO WEBSITE
    Burned Oaks: Which Ones Will Survive? UC ANR2011DOWNLOAD PDF
    LA County: The Oak Tree OrdinanceUC ANRN/ADOWNLOAD PDF
    Oak Trees: Care and MaintenanceLACFDN/ADOWNLOAD PDF
    Ventura County: Tree Protection OrdinanceVCRMAN/ADOWNLOAD PDF
    Fire in the Oak Wild Lands CA Wildlife Foundation2015DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Sustainable Landscaping

    The Drought Tolerant Garden - LA CountyG32012DOWNLOAD PDF
    San Diego Sustainable Landscape GuidelinesG32016DOWNLOAD PDF
    Beverly Hills Garden HandbookG32018DOWNLOAD PDF
    California Watershed Approach to Landscape DesignG32018DOWNLOAD PDF
    Inland Empire Landscape GuidebookG32018DOWNLOAD PDF
    Marin MWD Watershed Approach to Landscaping HandbookG32018DOWNLOAD PDF
    Lawn be goneG32019DOWNLOAD PDF
    Compost in a HurryUC ANR2007DOWNLOAD PDF
    Mowing your lawn and grasscyclingUC ANR1999DOWNLOAD PDF
    Flora and Ecology of the Santa Monica MountainsSCB2007DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Fire Departments

    Ventura County - Fire Hazard Reduction ProgamVCFD2019DOWNLOAD PDF
    Los Angeles County - Plant Selection Fuel Modification GuidelinesLACFD2017DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Rain Barrels and Cisterns

    How To Determine The Number of Rain Barrels to InstallTreePeople2020DOWNLOAD PDF
    How To Connect Rain BarrelsTreePeople2020DOWNLOAD PDF
    How To Find and Purchase a Rain BarrelTreePeople2020DOWNLOAD PDF
    How To Apply For a Rain Barrel RebateTreePeople2020DOWNLOAD PDF
    How To Calculate Size of Rain GardenTreePeople2020DOWNLOAD PDF
    How To Create a Swale / Dry CreekTreePeople2020DOWNLOAD PDF
    How To Manage Stormwater on a SlopeTreePeople2020DOWNLOAD PDF
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